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Maxine Pear

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A smooth, sweet, juicy, delicious heirloom pear that is also highly fire-blight-resistant.  Bartlett-type pear with very good quality; firm, sweet, juicy; snow-white flesh with no grit cells. Precocious (fast to fruit production) and very productive. Found in Ohio in 1930 and introduced to the nursery trade in 1945. Disease-resistant and hardy. Also known as “Starking Delicious.”

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING 

Uses: Fresh eating, juicing.

Resistant to: Appears highly disease resistant with zero fireblight.

Pollination: Most other pears should pollinate this variety.

Rootstock: OH x F 87 Semi-Dwarf Pear Rootstock


Zones 5-8

Additional information

Root Stock and Tree Size

SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (3-4ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (2-3ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (1-2ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF Calleryana (4-5ft) Bare-root


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