Peach Trees For Sale

Just about everyone loves a fresh, tree-ripened peach. Many wish to grow this fruit at home. It’s an excellent choice; extremely productive, quick growing, with delicious and versatile fruit. To have success with any fruit, cultivar selection is key. The humidity, heavy rainfall, winter cold and insect pressure of the eastern USA make choosing the right peach cultivar that can handle those stresses and factors absolutely crucial. We’ve got you covered because we only stock peaches that handle those factors very well, including issues like winter damage, bacterial spot and brown rot. We also have varieties with differing ripening dates so that you can choose when you would like to have ripe peaches, or plant several varieties for a long season of fresh, sun-ripened peaches stretching from July-September.

We have found that smaller, younger peach tree starts establish and grow much, much better than larger, older, branched 5-6+ ft tall trees. Smaller peach tree transplant success rate and survival is much higher, they resume growth better and grow into stronger, healthier trees, faster. So, as of 2017 we have phased out selling larger peach trees and now only sell 2-4 foot tall grafted trees of superior quality. We want you to be successful and so, although many out there will think bigger is always better, with nursery-grown peach trees (and actually most fruit tree starts) bigger is simply is not better, it’s worse, and only appears better temporarily. Apple and pears do great from 4-5′ tall transplants, however, but stone fruits (peach and plum) do not. Our peach trees are premium quality, young and ready to take off once planted in spring. We only sell the very best peach trees possible. In our experience it only takes 2 seasons to get our small peach trees to fruit production! That’s fast.
Sorry we cannot ship peaches to CA.

On Growing Peaches

Peaches will often bear fruit the 2nd or 3rd summer from planting, if given a good site and good care. They need a very sunny site, good water drainage (no wet feet), and benefit from areas with some wind protection. Plant them on the higher ground because low spots collect spring frost which may damage fruit buds and flowers, and lower the peach yields. North slopes delay bloom; southern slopes accelerate bloom time. Peaches like it very hot and sunny.

Many of our peaches are grafted into Guardian TM rootstock, unless noted. Guardian rootstock is resistant to root knot nematodes, cold temperatures and Peach Short Life. Want a dwarf peach? Then simply prune heavily in early spring to keep the tops low and the branches spread wide at 45-60 degree angles. Peaches do well kept at 8-10 ft high, which makes harvest and maintenance a breeze.

Pruning and after-care is essential with peaches. Quality pruning and training from the first year planted on is very important. Prune to an open-center (vase) shape and thin (remove) young fruits to 6 inches apart between fruits when they are nickel-sized. Seasonal sprays like Surround, Neem Oil, Pyganic, and soap spray help keep fruit in good condition when growing organically. Protect the base of tree trunks from voles and mice with 1 foot tall wire cages. Mulch heavily and provide water when the weather is excessively dry and hot. Fertilize every spring with plenty of compost and manures and possibly fish emulsion or other products.

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