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Peaceful Heritage Nursery

Specializing in Pawpaw Trees, Mulberries, Apples, Elderberries, and Certified Organic Trees.



Family Owned and Operated | Permaculture Based |Non-GMO | Certified Organic




Certified Organic and Premium Quality Fruit Trees and Pawpaw Trees Shipped Direct to Your Door!

We are a family-owned and family-operated, USDA Certified Organic micro farm and premium-quality mail-order fruit and Pawpaw tree nursery located in beautiful, peaceful, Stanford, Kentucky, USA. 

It’s our mission as a nursery is to be your trustworthy mail-order source for the highest quality plants, pawpaw trees and premium plant genetics available! 

Bare Root Fruit Tree and Plant Sales Will Open January 1st, 2020!

On January, 1st 2020 All Inventory Will Be Updated Including Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Berries, Pawpaws, and More!  Sales Begin January 1st, 2020.

Grafted Pawpaw Trees Coming Soon!

OUR 2020 Pawpaw pre-order season is coming January 1st, 2020!  Email us to be added to our pawpaw tree notification list! Check out our 10 HOT NEW pawpaw selections for 2020!

TAX-FREE Online shopping

As of right now, only Kentucky residents are legally required to pay sales tax for purchases made on our website (based on individual state laws we comply with).

Pre-Orders for Spring 2020 begin on January 1st, 2020!  All orders placed in late February-April 2020 ship according to your location and shipping zone.

Want to pickup your order? No problem!

We aim to ship as early as the weather will allow, with orders from our customers in the South shipping first and Northern customers receiving later shipping.

If you would prefer to PICKUP your order just place your order online (you’ll be charged shipping automatically) and then send us an email letting us know you’d prefer pickup. Your shipping fee will be refunded 100% at the time of pickup. PICKUPS BEGIN IN MID-MARCH 2020!

Our Nursery
Company Mission:

– To be a trustworthy and reliable source of excellent quality plants, superior genetics, excellent plant material, seeds and other grow products.

-To offer quick, competent, friendly, effective and superior customer service, information and an excellent retail experience to our loyal clients as well as new customers!

-To get all our products safely to your door in great shape.  And if not, make it right!

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We Sell Certified Organic Plants!

Any of our USDA Certified Organic products will say “Certified Organic” after the product name in the product title.

Knowledge Base

Check Out Our Ever-Growing Fruit Growing Knowledge Base

Questions about our nursery?  *Please note all our inventory numbers are available online and are 100% accurate.  Other Questions?  Contact Us!

Our Verified Customer Testimonials:

"Easily the healthiest tree I purchased...."

“I wanted to let you all know that the KSU [ Chappell pawpaw tree I purchased ] from you all is doing great, and it’s easily the healthiest tree I purchased this past season. It’s doing well even in full sun! Thank you all so much for the great service and very high quality tree.”
-Nikhil U.Summerfield, NC

"Your Nursery Is Top Notch"

“I wanted to thank you for sending out a replacement seedling paw paw I received it yesterday and planted it. Thank you for the fantastic customer service. The black locusts and tulip are doing well as well. Your nursery is top notch. Thanks again”

– Ronnie B.  Bush, LA



"I am so very pleased..."

“Hi! I am so very pleased with the fig and mulberry trees I ordered last fall! Both leafed out well and the 3 figs and 1 mulberry that produced this first season had spectacular flavor.”
-Karina T. Richmond, KY

"Great Root Development"

“Ordered three Hazelnut bushes. 1 yr old plants were in phenomenal shape! I’ve ordered plants from many, many different companies and these plants were among the best. Great root development! Will order from again.”
-Marcus B. Morgantown, IN

"Arrived in great condition..."

“Dear Nursery team, The trees you sent last year (2018) were great!! Arrived in great condition with useful planting instructions…Again, really pleased with the quality of the rootstock.”
-Joseph H. Saint John, IN

"I can not wait to place another order!"

“I am so impressed with the size and health of your plants. I can not wait to place another order!”
Elizabeth Y. Louisville, TN

"Your customer services was also fantastic"

“I wanted to say “Thank You” for what appears to be extremely healthy plants. I received my plants on Saturday and every tree or bramble I received appeared to be very healthy, was packaged well, and arrived in great shape. Your customer services was also fantastic. I definitely intend to order more from Peaceful Heritage in the future.” – Oakes R. Hodgenville, KY

"...far better than any other trees I've gotten from other nurseries..."

Last year (2016) I found your nursery and saw that your trees were sold bare root. I was interested in some of the varieties you offered, but I had tried planting bare root trees in the past that I ordered from other nurseries and every single tree soon died. I thought I was probably wasting my money getting trees from you. But, they sounded good, so I went ahead and ordered trees from you anyway. They have grown far better than any other trees I’ve gotten from other nurseries and want to make another order in 2017.” – Wilbert M., Richmond, Kentucky

"When you are ready to take orders on trees I will order and pay in advance."

This is Steve Y. from Barbourville KY. I ordered from you earlier in the year (2016) and I was really pleased with the trees and your customer service. When you are ready to take orders on trees I will order and pay in advance.”
Steve Y., Barbourville, KY.

"We're lucky to have you around."

Thanks so much for your help and thank you for providing organic and non-GMO fruit and nut trees!! We’re lucky to have you around.” Katie M. KY

"I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family nursery in Kentucky to order from."

“As always, it is a pleasure (doing business with you). I have been so pleased with the trees that I ordered last year. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family nursery in Kentucky to order from. I might have to buy more acres as you keep adding varieties! Thanks again.” Cody S. Louisville, KY

"I really didn't expect so much from such a young plant..."

“Hey, I just wanted to drop a line to tell you that the KSU-BensonTM[pawpaw tree] I bought from you is AMAZING! Beautiful big leaves and gorgeous color. I really didn’t expect so much from such a young plant, but I’m very pleased with the quality of your work.” Michael W. KY

"I am so glad I found you"

“My plants came perfectly! Thank you so much! I am so glad I found you~” Mary S. Center Ossipee, NH

"I am amazed at how [your Ultra-Select pawpaw seeds] are sprouting so nicely & quickly. "

“I am amazed at how [your Ultra-Select pawpaw seeds] are sprouting so nicely & quickly. I don’t think I have ever tried to start tree seeds before. This is great…Anyway, I am looking forward to this whole new world of pawpaws. I think they will be able to survive quite well here from everything I have read.” Nancy E. Wenatchee, WA

"Actually healthier than my paw paw I already have. "

“I got [my Ultra-Select pawpaw tree] this weekend, thank you. I sent you pics of it from another email. Looks very healthy. Actually healthier than my paw paw I already have. Thanks again.” Lisa. Memphis, TN.

"I don't think you'd find a mummy that was better wrapped!"

“I received the KSU4-1 pawpaw tree yesterday (Saturday) in excellent condition- I don’t think you’d find a mummy that was better wrapped!” Steve B. Huntington Beach, CA

"Looks good and healthy."

“Received Letzia fig tree yesterday. Looks good and healthy. Thanks.” Don W. Keller, TX

"...friendly and engaging..."

“I called Peaceful Heritage Nursery when I read about the PawPaw research at Kentucky State University and decided to get a PawPaw tree. I probably spent 10 minutes talking to Blake Cothron (the owner) who answered all my questions in a friendly and engaging manner. Blake also informed me of a new release called KSU-Benson and placed me on the waiting list. A few months later I received an email informing me that the grafted Benson tree was now available which I then placed my order. Very professional, very trustworthy.” –Steve B. Huntington Beach, CA

"Thank you for packaging them so well!"

“I just received the KSU Benson and 4-1 [pawpaw] trees I ordered from you. They look great and shipped nicely. Thank you for packaging them so well!” Tony L. Rural Valley, PA

"... I gotta say WOW..."

“I just received my paw paws and I gotta say WOW! Packed very well, grafts nice and low on the plant, awesome! Thank you. Looking forward to more business with you.” Glen L. NY

"...the little guy is almost as tall as I..."

“That KSU-Benson [Grafted Pawpaw tree] I bought from you in September 2016 has had a fantastic year, and the little guy is almost as tall as I. Some of the [pawpaw] plants I bought from another nurseryman have not fared so well…Unless they do much better this coming spring, I likely will be seeking replacements from you if you will be having stock available.” Mike W.


"Thank you so much"

Hi there,
Thank you so much for offering your beautiful fruit trees. Our recent order arrived in good shape…

-Anita P.  Chillicothe, OH


"We Love Our Passionfruit!"

“Hi! We’re on our second year with the passion fruit as they survived our brutal Chicago winter!  We’ve got 5-7 shoots coming up at each spot…Thank you so much! We love our passionfruit!”

– Jennifer C. Pallatine, IL



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