Native Hazelnut


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Native Hazelnut (Corylus americana) is a fast and very easy-to-grow shrub that produces a tasty small edible nut. They like moist sites and are very adaptable. These seedlings will vary in nut size, but most will produce fairly small nuts. These are best suited towards reforestation along streams and forest edges, and landscaping. Very easy to establish but need water in hot, drought spells until well established. Hardy and resilient. You will need more than 1 for cross-pollination to produce nuts. Plant 5-10 ft apart. Allow to sucker for fast cover and establishment. These are regionally-adapted seedlings from KY. An excellent early season POLLEN SOURCE for bees! CANNOT SHIP TO CA, WA, OR.

Uses: Reforestation, landscaping, wildlife, edible small nut.

Site Selection: Well-drained, sunny site. Keep weeded and irrigated while establishing.

Plant Size: 1-2′ tall Bare-Root Plant

Zones 4-8

Trees are bare-root and about 1-2′ tall.

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