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At Peaceful Heritage Nursery we make every effort to supply you with the highest quality plants as well as outstanding customer service.  This includes packaging and shipping your order in a safe and efficient manner.  However, due to The United States Postal Service disruptions in various areas, we CANNOT, at this time, guarantee your shipment of plants, nor can we replace any order that arrives damaged or dead due to USPS error or inefficiency of service, including service delays and lost packages.  We are regretful about this, because, as you can see below, this is NOT our standard procedure.  However, at this time all orders are placed at the buyer’s risk completely.  That being said, we are encountering very few issues at this time working with the USPS.  If this changes we will update that information here.  Also, if needed we can ship your order via UPS or FEDEX, although this increases shipping rates considerably, and is the main reason we choose to ship with USPS.  Thanks for understanding!


Our Guarantee:

“Peaceful Heritage Nursery Company guarantees you will receive top-quality products and plants, true-to-name and type, disease-free and vigorous in growth when reasonable and proper care is given.  Dormant, leafless plants that, once received and planted fail to show signs of life (by June of the year of shipment) when reasonable and proper care are given (including following the Planting Instructions emailed to each customer) will be replaced for free per the No Signs of Life policy.”

If there is any problem or concern with your order upon arrival, you must contact us immediately. We generally will replace for free any plants or shipments damaged during transit by the carrier if we evaluate that the damage is serious. If you think this has occurred you have 3 days to contact us upon arrival of your order or we will not be able to replace the shipment. You must follow the Damaged Shipment instructions below.

Peaceful Heritage Nursery …

…strives to provide you with an unparalleled, excellent experience of ordering and receiving premium quality plants and trees. Critical to this exchange is our emphasis on excellent and timely customer service, communication and follow-through, as well as honest, ethical business practices. Part of achieving this goal is in providing clear Terms and Conditions that you, as our customer, automatically agrees upon when making a purchase with our nursery.

Replacement Policies


We are happy to give 100% full credit or a free replacement in the case of a shipment of plants arriving to you in damaged condition. Any orders received in DAMAGED CONDITION require the following steps in order to qualify for a credit or replacement: 1) We must be notified via phone or email of the damaged shipment with 3 days/72 hours of receiving said damaged shipment. 2) We will need you to email us several very clear photographs showing the damaged plants. These two conditions must be met in order to qualify for credit or a free replacement. If either of these conditions are not met, no credit or replacement will be made.

NO SIGNS OF LIFE (no leaves, buds, or growth the Spring of same planting year)

Dormant and bare root plants that, once planted according to our directions that fail to leaf out and show any signs of life (by May 15th of the same shipping year only) will be replaced for free, because we stand by the premium quality of our plant stock and nursery practices. However, plants that were damaged once received by the customer due to planting error, neglect, dehydration after planting, leaving plants in their root wrap plastic packaging for more than 7 days, mechanical damage, freeze damage, planting in pots/containers, or not following the Planting Instructions emailed to every customer, are disqualified from free replacement or the No Signs of Life replacement policy.

If your plants fail to leaf-out after planting (and it is at least May 15th of the shipment year) please notify us immediately. We may inquire about a few details and may request several clear photographs of the plants to be emailed to us in order to provide proof of the claim and process your request.  If we deem the plants you recieved as inadequate then we will send you a free replacement or give you equal store credit. Sorry, there are no refunds in such a case, only a free replacement or credit. Refunds are only available on orders that have not yet shipped.

Please note: Persimmon trees occasionally will not leaf out until late July or even August the year of planting. This is completely normal and healthy for them, and so if your persimmon trees have not leafed out you must wait until August before we can determine if you received a problematic tree. Failed persimmon trees will be replaced the following season, or we will provide equal store credit, as per our No Signs of Life policy.



We do our very best to only sell and ship high-quality, living plants directly to you.  How they are cared for after shipment is completely beyond our control and the many variables which may affect their survival are endless. Therefore, our replacement/credit policies apply only to purchased plants which do not show signs of life or sprout leaves by the June of the year you receive them or that are damaged during shipment to you by the carrier.

Plants which are otherwise damaged or destroyed by customer delay in unpacking plants or delays in planting them, inclement weather, improper handling, neglect, deer, animals, insects, pets, herbicides, dehydration/over watering, equipment,string trimmers, etc, cannot be replaced or refunded through our Guarantee.  Sorry!

It is also your responsibility as the customer to inform yourself of exactly what you are purchasing and to know beforehand if it is suitable for your needs, climate zone/region and reading descriptions carefully to know accurately what you are going to recieve. We provide very clear and concise descriptions of species, variety, and approximate plant sizes for every item we sell, for this exact purpose of informing you, the customer, of what you are ordering.  Plant sizes are approximate and may vary by a few inches occasionally.  We deal in living, breathing plants and these have natural variations in size and height, so all sizes are approximate.



Plants and trees shipped to you POTTED and therefore sometimes leafed out (non-dormant) are covered by a 90 day replacement policy from receiving, if they fail during that time, with no guarantee extending through the winter or into the next year after purchase. Beyond this 90-day period no potted plants are covered. No trees or plants are guaranteed against winter kill. If you received a dormant/leafless POTTED tree or plant and that plant never leafs out or shows signs of life we will replace it for free. Simply contact us immediately, email several clear photographs and let us know exactly what it is you ordered and the concern with the plant.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not replace, refund or warrant under any circumstances, any plants killed by pets, deer/wild animals/livestock, machines/string trimmers, herbicides, neglect, dehydration, poor planting site, winter kill or planting error. That is far beyond the responsibility of us as a nursery and is the purchasers/customer’s liability only.



1) If you receive a package of plants from us and the box is not opened within 48 hours.
2) If you receive plants or trees from us and do not get them planted in the ground within three (3) days.
3) Our Replacement Policy is invalidated for any plants or trees planted in pots or containers of any kind. 

4) If you receive potted trees or plants and do not get them planted in the ground within (7) days, or attempt to up-pot them into larger pots, store them potted over the winter, or raise them indoors.

5) Our Guarantee does not apply to plants shipped outside their recommended USDA hardiness zones given on our website. Example: Trees recommended for USDA Zones 6-9 but shipped to and planted in USDA Zone 4 or 5 are disqualified for replacement.

6) Our Guarantee does not replace or warrant any plants killed by pets, deer/wild animals/livestock, machines/string trimmers, herbicides, neglect, dehydration, poor planting site, winter kill or planting error. That is far beyond the responsibility of us as a nursery and is the purchasers/customer’s liability only.

7) Our Guarantee does not apply to international orders. International orders do not have any Guarantee or replacement policy due to the extreme conditions plants or plant material must undergo in transit.

All of these above events can lead to plant damage and plant demise which are far outside of our realm of responsibility as a nursery, and that disqualify you from receiving a replacement or refund.  Under no circumstances does our liability as a nursery extend beyond the price of the plants or trees purchased from Peaceful Heritage Nursery.



We take pleasure in selling only the best fruiting plants possible at reasonable prices. If there is any problem with your order please contact us via email.  As per our Guarantee, we replace plants shipped to you in a dormant state that fail to leaf or bud out or show signs of life by the June of the year you receive them. Refunds can be requested on any order (only if it has not yet shipped) and will be refunded in full. Already shipped or picked up orders can never be refunded.

No refunds will be issued on orders that have already shipped.

Trees/plants/plant material/seeds/scion wood cannot be returned and no refunds will be given on already shipped or picked-up orders of these products.

Plants that for whatever reason fail after leafing out and showing signs of regular growth are not refundable. They might be replaceable, see our Replacement policies above.

If we are unable as a nursery to replace a plant that qualifies for a replacement then we will issue the customer a full credit with our nursery.



By making a purchase with our nursery you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. We have aimed to make these as fair and reasonable as possible. Peaceful Heritage Nursery assumes no liability beyond the price of the plants/plant material and trees purchased, for any reason. Thanks for doing business with us!


We respect your privacy and never sell or give your information to any third party, including your email address, physical address or telephone number. We use your contact information only to contact you if we have any questions, and to occasionally (about 3-6 times per year) send out valuable promotional emails and newsletters for our nursery only. You can easily unsubscribe from any of our promotional emails via the opt out at the bottom of the email received.