Persimmon Scion Wood -NATURALLY GROWN


We offer a number of persimmon scion woods for sale. We only cut fresh per request. For the resourceful and skilled grower we offer scion wood for grafting. This is UN-ROOTED SCION WOOD ONLY, NOT A TREE. It is for GRAFTING PURPOSES only. You must have a compatible rootstock with which to graft on.  If interested in BULK QUANTITIES AND PRICING please email us your request. order @ peacefulheritage .com

Available November – April only. SHIPS FEBRUARY- APRIL.

6-8″ Dormant scion wood cuttings with no roots. Shipped viable and moist.


High quality persimmon scion wood available for grafting.  You must have a compatible persimmon rootstock to graft onto.  THIS IS NOT A TREE, THIS IS SCION WOOD ONLY.  Persimmon grafting is fairly easy.  You must graft using dormant scion wood (what we will ship you and you hold in your fridge until ready to graft) onto rootstock which is actively budding or leafing out.  That is the only major difference between grafting persimmon vs apple or pear.  Whip and tongue grafting works fine. 



Prok: Seedling from Cornell University breeding program grown out by John Gordon of Amherst NY. Produces very large fruit, ripens in late August here in Kentucky, has few seeds. Ripens long before frost in KY.  Has a pleasant mild flavor.

Keener:  Produces exceptionally large fruit with delicious sweet flavor.  Burbank introduction.  Possible hybrid. PVA strain.

Kassandra:  Hybrid persimmon proven cold hardy in zone 6 KY.  Produces very large late-ripening fruits with large, round kaki (Asian persimmon)-like leaves.

Elmo (A-118): Exceptional flavor and production on a strong-growing tree. Mid-season, very large size fruit.  Precocious and a consistent producer bears seedless fruit south of the Ohio River due to it being a 90 Chromosome persimmon. Introduction from the (late) James Claypool Breeding program. 

Lehman’s Delight (100-46): From the Breeding work of Jerry Lehman of Terra Haute Indiana, one of his last introductions. Very large fruit, smooth flesh, clear pulp, and made to be loved. While not a large tree it is one of the heaviest producing persimmons.  With very good flavor and smooth flesh, this fruit is all about taste.

J-59: Early ripening with medium sized very sweet orange fruits.  Claypool introduction.

Barbara’s Blush (Ws8-10):  Produces large fruit with excellent flavor.  Heavy yielding Lehman strain.

Rosseyanka: American x Asian persimmon cross.  Produces heavy yields of plump dark orange persimmons.  Ripens late.

ID and WA orders require a small shipping fee.

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Prok 2 Sticks, Prok 4 Sticks, Ws8-10 Barbra's Blush 2 Sticks, Ws8-10 Barbra's Blush 4 Sticks, J-59 2 Sticks, J-59 4 Sticks, 100-46 2 sticks, 100-46 4 Sticks, Elmo 2 Sticks, Elmo 4 Sticks, Kassandra 2 Sticks, Kassandra 4 Sticks, Keener 2 sticks, Keener 4 Sticks, Lehman's Delight (100-46) 2 Sticks, Lehman's Delight (100-46) 4 Sticks, Rosseyanka 2 Sticks