Mulberry Scion Wood and Greenwood Cuttings- NATURALLY GROWN


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For the resourceful and skilled grower we offer scion wood for grafting (January-March) and greenwood cuttings for rooting (May-August)

This is UNROOTED, SCIONWOOD / GREENWOOD CUTTINGS ONLY, NOT A TREE. It is for GRAFTING OR ROOTING PURPOSES only. You must have a compatible rootstock with which to graft on or a proper rooting setup. Choose type below. Our mulberry cuttings are all fresh and chemical-free.  See individual listings for mulberry variety descriptions.


Dormant cuttings for grafting/rooting shipped from February-April.  Greenwood for rooting purposes shipped from May-September

6-8″ Dormant OR green wood mulberry cuttings with no roots. Shipped viable and moist.  Success with these will vary and is not Guaranteed.

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