Red Mulberry (Morus rubra)


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Native, care-free fruit tree that (on females) produces delicious berries! These are UNESEXED (gender not identified) seedlings, may be either male (non fruiting) or female (fruiting). Red mulberry is considered ENDANGERED in parts of New England. Red mulberry is the native cousin to our common, wild, black and white mulberries. Vigorous and rapid growers, they establish very quickly and will fruit within 1-3 years of planting- if they are female. Female trees produce berries that differ from our wild mulberries in that they are longer, thinner, more firm and have a distinct, tangy-sweet cherry-like flavor that is just delicious. Trouble free. Large, attractive heart-shaped leaves provide excellent shade. Can be kept smaller through pruning, but they become a nice medium-sized shade tree if left unpruned. Not well-known but highly worth growing! Now available in discounted 10-tree AND 25-tree count bundles!

Planting more than 1 red mulberry ups the chances of getting a fruiting female. If you want sure high quality fruit production, please choose a grafted mulberry from our selections. Varaha is a native, high quality selection.

Uses: Females produce delicious berries. Makes a great shade tree and is fast growing. Birds love it. Great for reforestation.

Resistant to: Mulberries are remarkably resistant to diseases and insects in general.

Pollination: Mulberries need no pollination to set fruit. UNESEXED seedlings, will be either male (non fruiting) or female (fruiting).

Plant Size: Bare-Root from March-April, 1-2′ tall. May-November potted in tree tubes, Certified Organic potting mix, no synthetic chemicals or sprays used.

Zones 5-10 (estimate)

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Regular (2-3' tall thick caliper) BUNDLE of 2, Small (1-2' tall 1/8" caliper) BUNDLE 0f 2, BUNDLE OF 10 1-2' BARE ROOT TREES, BUNDLE OF 25 1-2' BARE ROOT TREES, BUNDLE OF 50 1-2' BARE ROOT TREES, POTTED Tree 18-36" TALL (SINGLE)