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Issai Hardy Kiwi


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Issai hardy kiwi produces large crops of kiwis within 1-3 years of planting!  These fuzz-less kiwis are rectangular-shaped, about nickel-sized and very sweet and flavorful.  Leaves are smaller and more pointed than most kiwis.  Does well in KY and nearby areas.  Vigorous, disease-resistant vine. Hardy to about -25 F, pest and disease resistant. Beautiful white blooms and attractive foliage.  Needs a stout trellis, pergoda, deck or fence to climb on.  Yearly pruning ensures good growth and production.  Somewhat self fertile and will bear kiwis by itself, but a Hardy Male kiwi pollinating it increases yields.  Very resistant to insects, disease and cold.  Issai originated in Japan.  Will not grow in the heat of the Deep South (zones 8b-10).  Cannot ship to CA.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Resistant to:  Insects, disease, winter cold, heat.

Pollinated by:  Self-pollinated, also can be pollinated by a hardy male kiwi to increase fruit set.

Plant Size: 3-4 Ft Tall, Branched, Bare-Root Vine with excellent root system

Zones 5-8

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Plant Size

LARGE 1 GALLON 2-3ft TALL, REGULAR 18-30" Tall Vine Bare-Root