Salavatski Cold Hardy Pomegranate – Naturally Grown



Grow real, juicy, pomegranates at home! Salavatski is one of the most reliable and cold hardy pomegranates available! It produces medium-large pale red fruit, with red arils and delicious sweet/tart juice. Very cold hardy and very productive- when the University of Georgia was trialing cold hardy pomegranates in the 1970s, Salavatski was one of their best performers. This pomegranate is cold hardy to about 5 degrees F making it suitable in zones 7b and higher. It will not likely survive planted outdoors in KY, IL, IN, VA or other zone 6/7 areas. We know it does great in protected locations in north Georgia (zone 8) and in the Deep south (zones 8-10). Any areas with mild winters and hot summers can grow this pomegranate. It’s apparently hardy to about 5 or 10 F. Warm urban micro climates in zone 7b might work also.

Salavatski also produces an abundance of beautiful bright orange flowers over an extended period of time during the late spring. Both the flowers and the fruit are produced at a very young age. We’ve seen fruit on 2-year old plants! This cultivar is originally from Russia, attesting to it’s cold hardiness. Fruit ripens in late Autumn.

Pomegranate trees (shrubs, really) grow to about 10 feet in height with an equal spread at maturity. Exceptionally heat tolerant. Prefers full sun for best fruit production but will tolerate some light shade. Adaptable to almost any type of soil providing the soil is well-drained. Quite drought tolerant when established. Fast growing and resistant to insects and diseases. Make sure to provide good airflow, especially in a high tunnel.

NATURALLY GROWN – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, neo-nictinoids, or other pesticides or toxic ag chemicals used at our nursery 

Pollination: Self-pollinating

Planting Site: FULL SUN, WELL DRAINING SOIL, good airflow


Zones 8-10


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