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Earliglow Strawberry Plant Bundle




CERTIFIED ORGANIC PLANTS! Tired of crunchy, flavorless strawberries?  Earliglow has that fantastic REAL old-fashioned strawberry flavor and melting luscious texture!  Earliglow sets the standard for traditional, REAL intense strawberry taste. This early-season berry produces in June in most areas. Also sometimes called “Earliglo”.

Medium-size berries with excellent flavor; wonderful for fresh use or freezing/canning/jams. Vigorous plants have good disease resistance to red stele and intermediate resistance to verticillium wilt. Berries are so sweet that no sugar is needed! For decades Earliglow has been one of the biggest sellers in the Eastern U.S for gardeners and market growers alike. It is the earliest fruiting variety available. The 1st and 2nd berry pickings are plump sized berries for eating out of hand and the later smaller pickings are fantastic for jams and freezing.

Make sure to keep your plants thinned to 1 foot apart every March or April before the plants flower.  Having too many plants crowded together creates shade and humidity on the berries which leads to moldy berries. Pull out excess plants in March and replant or compost. Strawberries are very easy to grow and produce in 1 YR or less from planting. In Kentucky and nearby regions strawberries always do best with SPRING/EARLY SUMMER PLANTING ONLY.  

(Fairland x Midland x Redglow x Surecrop)

10-Plant Bundle and 50- Plant Bundle Options



Resistant to: Red stele and intermediate resistance to verticillium wilt, resistant to leaf scorch. 

Ripening: Early season (June most areas).

Uses: Fantastic fresh eating, great for freezing, jams, pies, etc.

Plant Size: 10-Plant bundle of healthy 1 YR bare-root starts. Planting instructions included via email at shipment.

Zones 4-8

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10-Plant Bundle, 50-Plant Bundle


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