Jersusalem Artichoke Plants (Sunchoke) Red and Yellow – NATURALLY GROWN



A productive, native, edible tuber producing sunflower relative.  Produces large, edible, inulin-rich, potato-like tubers.  Easy to grow and will spread underground.  Good wildflower as well, very lovely sunflower like blooms return every year. We offer both a large yellow tubered and smaller, red-tubered variety.  

Recommended for Organic Growing

Uses: Excellent edible tubers, wildlife, pollinators.

Blooms:  Blooms late and avoids frosts.  Ornamental and pollinator value.

Disease and trouble free species.

Native USA plant.

Plant Size:  Approximately 1-2′ Tall in 9 inch tree pot.

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Red Tubers, Yellow Tubers