Plum Trees For Sale

Plums are definitely an under-rated fruit! Don’t let those hard, tasteless, shiny, black grocery store plums fool you into thinking plums are no good. Home-grown, sun-ripened plums are tender, luscious, fragrant, flavorful, and very high in sugar. In fact, they are one of the sweetest fruits grown. They range from chewy and crunchy to melting and soft. We specifically chose these superior varieties as ones that will reliably perform better in a humid, hot and rainy climate.

A word about the AU line of plums. Auburn University in Alabama released many excellent plums from a fruit breeding program they undertook some years ago. These newer plums are a boon to the organic grower, as the goals were high quality flavor and texture with brown-rot resistance, black knot resistance, later (safer) blooming with general hardiness, longevity and vigor.

These AU plums are superior plum varieties all around, and should give you plum growing success, even in the eastern US, where plums growing can get tricky. We’re very pleased to offer the AU line of uperior plums.

All of our AU Plums are grafted into Guardian TM Rootstock for excellent disease and nematode resistance, unless stated otherwise.

Sorry, we cannot ship plum trees to CA.

On Growing Plums

Plums need good, open center training and yearly pruning, spraying and other solid tree care in order to shine, exactly the same as peaches, of which they are closely related. Pollination is touchy with plums, so make sure to give them a high, spring frost-resistant location and plant several varieties. Space plums only 8-12 ft apart for good pollination prospects.
Plums do well with heavy pruning to keep them 8-10 ft tall and wide (just like peaches). Plums grow vigorously and will usually start setting fruit 2-3 years from planting with good care. If thick, gnarly black tumor-like growths appear on the twigs, promptly cut these off 6 inches behind the infection, and burn the infected parts. This is called Black Knot and on some varieties can become an issue if not dealt with properly.

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