Elderberry Cuttings – NATURALLY GROWN



For the resourceful grower, we are now offering fresh, high quality, Certified Organic elderberry cuttings. Sold in bundles of 5 and 10 only. These are UNROOTED cuttings, not plants. They must be rooted and grown out by the buyer. Each cutting can potentially become 1 plant. Instructions for rooting are provided by email once your order ships. Elderberry cuttings root quite easily.

These cuttings are the same as we use in our nursery. Under good conditions they should be fruiting in only 1-2 seasons from rooting and planting out. For full descriptions see the individual listings for each elderberry cultivar.

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Marge:  Produces fruit without cross pollination.  Large, plump berries, high yields and very vigorous and fast grower.  Self Fertile cross between S. nigra and S. Canandensis. 

Bob Gordon:  Large yields of very plump high quality fruit.  Resilient and easy to grow. S.Canandensis.  Cross pollinates with any other variety.

Wyldewood: Large yields of berries.  Resilient and easy to grow. S.Canandensis Cross pollinates with any other variety.

Ranch:  Dwarf variety only reaching 4-6 ft tall.  High yields of good berries.  S.Canandensis Cross pollinates with any other variety.

Bundles of Elderberry cuttings: 5-8″ long each, 2-3 sets of buds each.

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Bob Gordon 5 Cuttings, Bob Gordon 10 Cuttings, Wyldewood 5 Cuttings, Wyldewood 10 Cuttings, Marge 5 Cuttings, Marge 10 Cuttings, Ranch 5 Cuttings, Ranch 10 Cuttings