Tulip Poplar


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NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022.  Also called yellow poplar, the tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera), is honey-bee heaven. The lovely pollen-rich blooms come on around May-June and resemble magnolias, of which is in related. The green-white petals look like they have flames painted on them. The trees are hardy, very fast growing and make a nice quality hard wood. The trees are pioneer species and often show up on disturbed sites and create a young forest. They handle wet sites better than most. The large leaves make great shade and are ornamental and unusual. Low-maintenance tree grows tall and strong. Just lovely, should be more widely planted. Reforest with this tree!

They have a fleshy root system that doesn’t extend far out from the plant, so well-worked soil is essential on-site at planting. The tree tolerates drought poorly, so make sure it has access to water or give it supplemental irrigation in summer and early fall while it is establishing. The soil pH should be moderate to acidic.

Uses: Excellent shade tree, bee-tree (pollen), reforestation, landscaping, timber, firewood.

Site Selection: Sunny, well-drained site. Likes acidic soil, can handle wetter sites.
Tree Size: 6-18″ 1 YR Bare-Root Tree.
Zones 4-9

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