For the resourceful and skilled grower we offer scion wood for grafting. This is SCION WOOD ONLY, NOT A TREE. It is for GRAFTING PURPOSES only. You must have a compatible rootstock with which to graft on. Choose scion wood type below.   If interested in BULK QUANTITIES AND PRICING please email us your request. order @ peacefulheritage .com

AVAILABLE JANUARY – March 15th ONLY. SHIPS February-March only.

7-8″ Dormant Pear cuttings with no roots. Shipped viable and moist.

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All of our pears are fireblight-resistant.

Pear Cultivars:

Ayers: Heirloom pear from the South.  Very sweet yellow fruits and excellent performance in southern locations.  Ripens early, very sweet.

Blake’s Pride:  WV Selection with good production of medium-sized sweet fruits with good disease resistance.

Burford:  Very rare heirloom pear from Tom Burford of NC.  Disease resistant and resilient.  Produces a green-yellow pear with tangy citrus flavor and crisp skin.

Turnbull:  Heirloom pear from OK.  Resilient, disease-resistant variety with large round fruits of excellent quality.  Blooms early.

Olympic: Heirloom Asian pear with huge brown fruits, round in shape, crisp and sweet. Very disease resistant.

Hosui: Asian pear with round brown fruit, medium sized, excellent flavor. 

Maxine: Heirloom pear with juicy, sweet, soft flesh.  Very disease resistant, moderate grower, very productive.

Shinsui: Produces a high quality, sweet, juicy, very early-ripening pear. Ripens mid to late August.

Shin Li: Produces a large, greenish-yellow, russetted pear with sweet, aromatic, crisp, and juicy flesh. Ripens mid to late September.

Harvest Queen: A cold hardy Canadian introduction that produces a medium-small, yellow, Bartlett-like fruit but with better disease resistance.  Part of the Canadian ‘HAR’ series of cold hardy and disease resistant fruits.

Art’s Bosc: Bosc type pear with large brown, crisp fruit with exceptional flavor.  Not as disease-resistant as the others but does great in urban locations where disease pressure is low. Fireblight resistance is good.

Tennosui: From TN, this southern pear is a cross between Asian and Euro pear and produces a tasty green pear.  Disease resistant, vigorous grower.

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Art's Bosc Pear 2 Sticks, Art's Bosc Pear 4 Sticks, Ayers Pear 2 Sticks, Ayers Pear 4 Sticks, Burford Pear 2 Sticks, Burford Pear 4 Sticks, Turnbull Pear 2 Sticks, Turnbull Pear 4 Sticks, Korean Giant 2 Sticks, Korean Giant 4 Sticks, Spalding 2 Sticks, Spalding 4 Sticks, Tennosui 2 Sticks, Tennosui 4 Sticks, Hosui 2 Sticks, Hosui 4 Sticks, Shinko 2 Sticks, Shinko 4 Sticks, Turnbull 2 Sticks, Turnbull 4 Sticks, Blake's Pride 2 Sticks, Blake's Pride 4 Sticks, Shinsui 2 Sticks, Shinsui 4 Sticks, Shin Li 2 Sticks, Shin Li 4 Sticks, Maxine 2 Sticks, Maxine 4 Sticks, Harvest Queen 2 Sticks, Harvest Queen 4 Sticks, Raja (Asian) 2 Sticks, Raja (Asian) 4 Sticks