Munson Grape Cuttings – Bundles NATURALLY GROWN



For the skilled or adventurous grower, we are offering DORMANT Munson grape cuttings.  Freshly cut on March 2nd.  The cuttings are various calipers, some around a pencil, some smaller.  All are green and viable.  Many of these are extremely rare and difficult to procure.  Properly treated, they will root and grow into healthy grape vines. We plan to have additional cultivars in the future.  These are UNROOTED CUTTINGS, NOT PLANTS!   FREE SHIPPING on cuttings!

Shipping March-April only.

Naturally Grown.

Cuttings are approximately 6-8″ long with at least 2-3 viable buds. 

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Mrs. Munson 5 Cuttings, Mrs. Munson 10 Cuttings, Fern Munson 5 Cuttings, Fern Munson 10 Cuttings, America 5 Cuttings, America 10 Cuttings