Sour Jujube- Zizyphus spinosa seed- NEW – NATURALLY GROWN



NEW!  Sour jujube or Ziziphus spinosa is a cold hardy jujube that makes a small, dime-sized circular jujube that is quite sour but edible.  Has medicinal uses.  The best use might be as the perfect rootstock for Ziziphus jujuba.  After 18-24 months of growth these seedlings can be grafted with scions of jujube and make sturdy, resilient and cold-hardy rootstock.  Jujube scions are available here: 

This seed was collected from trees grown in central KY, having gone through -0 temps.  If you want these to produce fruit they should be at fruiting age in 4-6 years from seed.  They also flower prolifically, making a good pollenizer for other jujube trees if planted nearby.  Zero disease or insect issues noticed.  These trees are very thorny.

Uses:  Herbal medicine, edible/medicinal fruit, jujube rootstock, pollenizer, hedge.

2022 crop. 

Packet (approximately 20 seeds) or .25 LB bag.  Free Shipping!

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PACKET, 1/4 LB Bag