Gooseberry Plants For Sale

In our fruit growing trials we are always looking for something new and interesting. However, it also has to perform well; it has to be hardy, disease-resistant, productive, resilient and of course taste good! We’re not into micro-managing things or babying plants that don’t want to thrive in our region, and we know you probably are not into that either. This is where gooseberries enter the scene. Funny name, but a serious little fruit. Extremely cold hardy, resilient to heat, drought, humidity, insects, diseases, you name it. The fruit on better cultivars is flavorful and usually quite tangy. We’re trialing some cultivars and the ones we like best will be up for sale. Consider adding some of these to your garden and finding appreciation for this tasty, productive little-known fruit, (at least little known in our region). Very popular in Europe and in some northern regions. Highly worth growing; children will love these!

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