Ultra-Select Pawpaw Seeds For Sale

These days one can find pawpaw seeds for sale from many different sources. However, as any grower or gardener knows, not all seed is created equal. Genetics are everything when it comes to quality seed and obtaining quality crops. Most sources of currently available pawpaw seed are obtained from wild, random seedling sources of greatly mixed and questionable genetic quality. Not our seeds! We as a nursery ONLY propagate and offer for sale seeds and seedlings of the very best genetics available in the entire world. We do this through painstaking collection of only the highest quality fruit genetics sourced through the largest pawpaw germplasm in the world, as well as other private collections in the heart of native pawpaw territory. We source named varieties of outstanding quality for our named lines of Premium Select seed. Our Ultra Select seed line is various mixed seed all from outstanding acquisitions with large size, excellent flavor and premium quality. These seeds are extremely rare genetic lines and the kind of quality you may not find anywhere else. We know our pawpaws, and we know them well. Don’t settle for poor genetics to try to save a buck.

These seeds are the exact same genetic material we use to propagate our own nursery stock, offered for sale to the resourceful, curious and adventurous fruit grower. Our lines of ULTRA SELECT Pawpaw seed are a very affordable and fun way to grow your own pawpaws. From seed, pawpaws can be expected to bear their first fruit in about 4-6 years from planting. Our seeds are all taken from their respective and labeled genetic line of fruits while fresh, then cleaned by hand, disinfected using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and/or bleach and then stratified under refrigeration, kept moist and stored for 100 days or more. All seed is fresh, viable and from the previous fruiting season as labeled. Detailed growing instructions included.

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