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Environmental Commitment

Our environmental commitment runs very deep…

At Peaceful Heritage Nursery​ our environmental commitment runs very deep and is at the foundation of how we do things on a daily basis. In 2016 we obtained our USDA Organic Certification to verify and acknowledge our deep environmental commitment and Earth-Steward values. We have never once in our lives sprayed synthetic pesticides, Roundup or herbicides on the earth, and we have been strictly organic growers since the early 2000s when we began undertaking horticulture and gardening.


Only natural fertilizers

We utilize only natural fertilizers such as seaweed and rock minerals. No chemicals are ever used on the plants grown at our nursery.


We do not ever:

We do not ever use synthetic herbicides like Roundup which are verified by WHO to be cancer-causing (carcinogenic) and which definitely damage the ecosystem.


We Do Not:

We do not currently mail paper catalogs, thus saving much waste, inks, paper and water.



Waste Reduction

We pack your order of plants in REUSED plastic wrapping such as used Organic fertilizer bags, used greenhouse plastic, and other materials. We are always figuring out ways to use less resources of all kinds in our business. For instance, we EMAIL our customers our detailed planting instructions, thus saving many thousands of sheets of paper per year.

We Utilize…

  1. Automatic drip irrigation and mist systems for most of our plants, which drastically reduces water use.
  2. Reuse plastic pots whenever we can and recycle broken pots.
  3. We use zero styrofoam in our packing material.

More About Our Commitment…

  • We are so space efficient in our farming practices, that we can keep much of our open land in trees and natural pasture.
  • We use on occasion only organic approved sprays for pest and disease control, such as neem oil, soap and daisy extracts.
  • We acquire as much of our products such as pots, fertilizers and mulch as possible as locally and regionally as possible. We first purchase and utilize USA-made plastic pots when available.
  • All of our greenhouses are unheated during the winter months.
  • We use landscape fabric for weed control thus avoiding using fossil fuel machines, labor or chemicals for weed control.
  • We absolutely avoid using or propagating any GMO (genetically-modified organism) plant material, and avoid patented plants when possible.
  • We do not own or use large tractors in our nursery, thus saving fossil fuel.
  • We utilize a professional rechargeable electric weed-whacker for weed control that uses zero gasoline or oil.

Our Approach

We propagate and sell native plant species, thus helping declining species, such as pawpaw and black locust, once again thrive in the American landscape.
Natural pest control comes by way of the many toads, praying mantises and ladybugs we nurture and protect, and also release.

Did You Know?

We aim to produce as little trash waste as possible; composting virtually all organic matter, recycling every bit of plastic and cardboard we can, and reducing any unnecessary use of resources.

We cut our own locally-grown, bamboo for our bamboo supports used in the nursery and when shipping your trees. We don’t ship in bamboo from China or anywhere else.

“I called Peaceful Heritage Nursery when I read about the Paw Paw research at Kentucky State University and decided to get a Paw Pawtree I probably spent 10 minutes talking to Blake Cothron (the owner) who answered all my questions in a friendlyand engaging manner.  Blake also informed me of a new release called KSU-Benson and placed me on the waiting list. A few months later I received an email informing me that the grafted Benson tree was now available which I then placed my order.  Very professional, very trustworthy.”   

Steve B. Huntington Beach, CA

“Hello again,  I just wanted to say thank you for my order and going out of your way to make it work.  I really do appreciate it and your time. I look forward to ordering from you in the future to expand our orchard.🙂” 

Amanda B. Collins, WV

“Thank you….I received the shipment yesterday on the 21st of March ( only 3 days)…everything arrived safely, and I was able to plant immediately…Loved seeing the high grafts on the persimmon trees, and was impressed by the roots on all specimens. Thanks for the extensive information on planting  that you sent with notice of shipment. The most detail I have seen yet from a supplier.  Best to you!” 

Jay M. Ligonier, PA

“I ordered five persimmon trees after reading a positive review on the ourfigs.com forum. I was so impressed by the size and quality that I had to order more.  I wish I would have ordered even more now.  I want to start an orchard of them…I will have to check your website again because I was thrilled with what I got so far and was impressed by the care and communication you give regarding orders. I will surely order again from Peaceful Heritage. “

Bill L. Lancaster, PA

“Thank you for the service you offer! I have some peach trees that I got from you a few years ago and they are absolutely thriving! They bore peaches for the first time last year right in time for my wedding and they were delicious!”

Jake D. Asheville, NC

“Ordered three Hazelnut bushes. 1 yr old plants were in phenomenal shape! I’ve ordered plants from many, many different companies and these plants were among the best. Great root development! Will order from again.”

Marcus B. Morgantown, IN

“Hi!  I am so very pleased with the fig and mulberry trees I ordered last fall! Both leafed out well and the 3 figs and 1 mulberry that produced this first season had spectacular flavor.”

Karina T. Richmond, KY

“I see your grafted pawpaws are back. My KSU-Atwood [from another nursery] hasn’t even fully leafed out this year, so I’m assuming the graft is failing. I’d love to replace it with one of yours, as you deal in superior plants.”  

Mike W. Stearns, KY

[My Ultra-Select pawpaw trees I ordered] came in perfect condition. I just wanted to thank you guys for such a quick response, and for having awesome customer service. I think all nurseries should learn to operate like what you guys have going on. Thank you for everything, and I will definitely order from you guys again!


Tom C. Pennsylvania