Sweet Potato Starts – ‘Amish Beauregard’ – NATURALLY GROWN



Want to grow your own sweet potatoes?  We have trialed a number of cultivars of sweet potatoes over the years on our farm and none come close to this strain of ‘Beauregard’ we picked up from the local Amish many years ago now.  The vines grow lush and very thick with edible leaves.  The potatoes ripen to a lovely copper brown color with rich, stringless, very sweet creamy orange flesh.  Just perfect!  If planted in early to mid- May they can be harvested by early September and are grocery-store sweet potato size.  If left until October they can get huge and be football sized!  Really impressive.  Disease resistant and very reliable.  They hold in storage in perfect condition for 6-7 months if kept 70-80 F and not moved around. Simply the best sweet potato we’ve grown in our trials.

Naturally Grown with zero synthetic chemicals – NON-GMO- Heirloom variety

Site Requirements:  A well-worked garden soil with good drainage, in as sunny a spot as possible is a must.  Medium fertility.  Needs at least 100-120 warm, mostly sunny days to mature. 

Sweet potato starts are 4-9′ long with tiny leaves and rootlets forming.  Freshly grown and harvested from our best keepers.  All slips ship for FREE in late April/early May ONLY.  

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