Aronia Plants For Sale

Aronia berry is getting a lot of attention currently due to it’s super antioxidant rich berries being recognized as a “super fruit”. The plants are native to the Eastern USA, and are very easy to grow due to strong disease and insect resistance. Creamy white, ornamental flower clusters decorate the aronia berry bush in spring, followed by lovely purple-black berries in mid-late summer. Fall foliage is known to change from bright green to a vibrant-red color, making the aronia berry bush very ornamental all season long.

Aronia is hardy and establishes easily. Aronia berries are a very rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. They can be eaten fresh when ripe, where the flavor is sweet, although the astringent pucker explains the origin of the colloquial name, chokeberry. The fruit is more commonly used in juices, wines, and jellies. They also dehydrate well and are bring sold online for high prices as a processed super fruit. Also excellent for establishing native plantings and other low-care, low-maintenance plantings.

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