Fig Cuttings (Dormant Wood)



For the resourceful grower, we offer DORMANT fig cuttings in various bundle sizes and varietiesNOT ROOTED, DORMANT LEAFLESS CUTTINGS of LIVE WOOD.  Choose your variety and bundle size.

GUARANTEED to have at least 3-4 nodes.  We ship quality cuttings, the exact same as we use in our nursery.

WE SHIP WITHIN 3-5 business days via UPS October-December.  FREE SHIPPING ON CUTTINGS!  ID and WA orders require a small shipping fee.

Our nursery is 100% FUG BUD MITE FREE

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Chicago Hardy 2 Cuttings, Chicago Hardy 10 Cuttings, LSU Improved Celeste 2 Cuttings, LSU Improved Celeste 10 Cuttings, Green Ischia 2 Cuttings, Green Ischia 10 Cuttings, LSU Purple 2 Cuttings, LSU Purple 10 Cuttings, Olympian 2 Cuttings, Olympian 10 Cuttings, Italian Letizia 2 Cuttings, Italian Letizia 10 Cuttings, Malta Black 2 Cuttings, Malta Black 10 Cuttings, Magnolia 2 Cuttings, Magnolia 10 Cuttings, White Triana 2 Cuttings, White Triana 10 Cuttings, Florea 2 Cuttings, Florea 10 Cuttings