Backyard Fruit Production Book


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Backyard Fruit Production: An Illustrated Fruit Growing Guide by David R. Schlabach is so impressive we had to offer it through our nursery. There are many books out there on growing fruit. However, aside from their huge glossy pictures and regurgitated information most of them are not very useful. This book is different. Not only are all the major temperate fruit trees and berries covered, but top-notch growing information is included for every one.

This book would be good for the commercial grower as well, not only backyard growers. First-class info in a simple, easy-to-read format. The author is actually an Amish professional fruit farmer and so the emphasis is on simplicity, yet his book explains in detail a very professional and cutting edge approach to fruit growing.

Includes high-quality pruning and training information, trellising, variety information on many named cultivars, including many we offer. The most impressive aspect of this book is the very detailed and month-by-month spray guide covering both organic and synthetic sprays! Not to be found easily anywhere else. You will not find this information by doing an internet search! This book has it. If you are new to fruit growing, need detailed spray and tree training information, or enjoy high-quality, concise and easy-to read books on growing food, get this book. VERY hard to find book you won't see elsewhere!