Pawpaw Scion Wood – NATURALLY GROWN



For the resourceful and skilled grower we offer high quality, fresh pawpaw scion wood for grafting. This is UN-ROOTED SCION WOOD ONLY, NOT A TREE. It is for GRAFTING PURPOSES only. You must have a compatible rootstock with which to graft on. Pawpaw scionwood and cuttings cannot be rooted.  Choose type from menu.

See individual descriptions here for in-depth info on most cultivars available:



6-9″ Dormant Pawpaw cuttings with no roots.  Each stick should have at least viable 4-5 buds. Shipped viable and moist.

Scionwood is guaranteed to arrive fresh and viable but there is no guarantee your grafting will be successful and no replacements or refunds are available on scion wood.

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For Spring 2024, KSU Chappell, Overleese, Taytwo, and Mango are the only cultivars available.

For the resourceful and skilled grower we offer scion wood for grafting. This is UN-ROOTED SCION WOOD ONLY, NOT A TREE. It is for GRAFTING PURPOSES only. You must have a compatible rootstock with which to graft on. Pawpaws CANNOT be rooted from cuttings.  Choose scion wood type below.  If interested in BULK QUANTITIES AND PRICING please email us your request. order @ peacefulheritage .com



Approximately 7-8″ Dormant Pawpaw cuttings with no roots. Shipped viable and moist. Should have at least 3-5 buds each.


Avatar: Large fruits with very sweet yellow flesh, caramel flavor and less seed than most.  Heavy yields.  Early-mid ripening (early-mid September).  From Lexington, KY.

Benny’s Favorite: Medium sized fruits with creamy texture and sweet flavor.  Very productive. Lehman strain.

Green River Belle: Rare, older variety from KY.  Produces a medium sized fruit with excellent flavor, some say it has a cinnamon aftertaste.  Neal Peterson likes this one.

KSU Chappell TM: The fastest growing pawpaw available.  Gets large in only a few years’ time.  Produces very large, luscious fruit with a rich sweetness.  Exceptional quality.

Mango: From Tifton, GA.  Older variety with large fruits and sweet, very soft pulp.  Grows faster than most others.

Maria’s Joy: Medium to large fruits with excellent flavor and texture.  Very productive. Early ripening. Lehman strain.

NC-1: From Ontario, Canada, so very cold hardy and ripens early.  Large fruits with yellow flesh, good flavor and texture.

Nyomi’s Delicious: From Berea, KY.  Large fruits with delicious mild flavor and creamy texture.  Early ripening (mid-late August in KY).  Disease resistant.

Overleese: Produces large fruits with good flavor and texture.  Older variety from Indiana.  Used to breed some Peterson selections.

Prima: Italian cultivar produces large, plump fruits and heavy yields.  Texture and flavor is very good.  Firm skin.  Disease resistant and precocious.

Rebecca’s Gold: Produces medium sized fruit with soft creamy texture and sweet fruity flavor.

Sri Vishnu: Produces heavy yields of large fruit with light green skin and yellow-white flesh with excellent flavor and thick, creamy texture. Late ripening.  Disease resistant.

Sunflower: From Kansas.  A large pawpaw with heavy production of super-sweet fruits with thick custard texture.  Used by KSU in breeding their selections.

Susquehanna: Peterson variety.  Some think it’s the best pawpaw fruit.  Large fruits with very dense and thick texture, dark orange flesh and very rich, honey sweet flavor.

Taytwo: Older variety with exceptional flavor.  Medium size fruits have nice texture and very sweet flavor reminiscent of cherimoya.

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Avatar – 2 Sticks, Avatar – 4 Sticks, Benny's Favorite – 2 Sticks, Benny's Favorite – 4 Sticks, KSU Chappell 2 Sticks, KSU Chappell 4 Sticks, Maria's Joy – 2 Sticks, Maria's Joy – 4 Sticks, NC-1 – 2 Sticks, NC-1 – 4 Sticks, Overleese – 2 Sticks, Overleese – 4 Sticks, Prima 1216 – 2 Sticks, Prima 1216 – 4 Sticks, Rebecca's Gold – 2 Sticks, Rebecca's Gold – 4 Sticks, Sunflower – 2 Sticks, Sunflower – 4 Sticks, Susquehanna – 2 Sticks, Susquehanna – 4 Sticks, Sri Gold – 2 Sticks, Sri Gold – 4 Sticks, Taytwo – 2 Sticks, Taytwo – 4 Sticks, Green River Belle 2 Sticks, Green River Belle 4 Sticks, Mango 2 Sticks, Mango 4 Sticks