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Contender Peach


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Sweet, aromatic, medium-large, yellow-fleshed freestone combines excellent flavor with late-blooming flowers and disease resistance. Delicious, very RELIABLE, and excellent quality peach with a very sweet, tangy flavor and excellent smooth texture. Mango-like flavor and texture. Excellent bud hardiness and late-blooming flowers resist and avoid bud damage from late spring frosts, thus bettering the chances of producing a nice crop even in a late freeze year, thus succeeding in harsh springs where most other peaches fail completely. Disease-resistant. Resists browning when canned. Hardy, resilient and productive. An excellent all-around choice for home or farm planting. Mid-Season ripening: early-mid July harvest. We harvested them by July 1st in 2017.  CANNOT SHIP TO CA.  ALL OUR PEACHES ARE CERTIFIED VIRUS-FREE STOCK!

Uses: Fresh eating, canning, drying.

Resistant to: Bacterial spot, brown rot, frost damage.

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better fruit set with most other peaches present.

Harvest: Mid-Season, Early-Mid July in Zone 6

Plant Size: 1-Year 3-4 ft tall Bare-Root Tree

Rootstock: Guardian TM

Our peaches fruit very quickly in only 2 seasons from planting under good conditions.

Zones 4-9


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