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Olympic Asian Pear


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Top-rated Asian pear for both flavor, size, and dependability. The favorite Asian pear of many commercial pear growers and Asian pear fans. The reasons are simple: it’s easy to grow, very disease resistant, super productive of quite large juicy fruits that taste totally delicious and that keep all winter long in cold storage. Very large fruit, up to 16 ounces, sometimes over. Dark brown/bronze russetted skin has attractive look.  Very juicy and crisp with excellent, sweet, sugary flavor with very high sugar content. Reliable and extremely productive.  This pear is very resistant to fireblight.  Overall we think it’s the best all-around Asian pear cultivar for home growers commonly available in the US, and is an excellent choice for commercial growing as well. Ripens late September-early October in KY. Excellent keeper! Storage life is 8-9 months.  Harvest in October when still a bit green skinned for best quality.  Also called Korean Giant and goes by a few other names.  CANNOT SHIP TO CA.

All of our pear trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Excellent fresh eating pear. Excellent for dehydrating. Would be excellent for juicing. Perhaps the best storage Asian pear. Keeps all winter in cold storage.

Resistant to: Highly resistant to fireblight.

Pollination: Most other Asian pears.

Ripening: Ripens late September-early October in KY

Rootstock: Beautifolia Pear Rootstock

Plant Size: 4-5′ tall, 1-YR Bare-Root Tree.

Zones 5-8