Sweet Scarlett TM Goumi Berry Naturally Grown



Will be back in June 2023!

Have you heard of these unique easy to grow fruits?  Trouble-free, abundant fruit, and lovely jasmine-scented blossoms.  Goumi is native to the Far East, China and Japan,  Goumi forms a medium size shrub growing to around 8 ft tall with attractive, silvery green foliage. It’s white flowers bloom in April-May and are very fragrant, smelling like jasmine, and loved by honeybees making it great bee forage.  The juicy, scarlet-red fruit is speckled with silver and ripens around June. Aromatic with a flavor reminiscent of pie cherries and with a soft melting texture with edible soft pit, it’s good eaten fresh and also makes tasty preserves.  Goumi berry bushes tolerate partial shade and also fix nitrogen, benefiting other trees and shrubs nearby.  We’ve come to appreciate this unique fruiting shrub more and more. ‘Sweet Scarlett’ TM Goumi produces a plump and flavorful fruit in large quantities.

Goumi bushes have very high nutritional value.  They are high in vitamins C, A and E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and flavonoids.

Goumi bushes like full to half day sun, well drained soil and usually begins bearing the 2nd year after planting. Hardy to minus 25 degrees F., USDA Zone 4, and is pest and disease resistant.  Non-invasive.  Eleagnus multiflora is native to the Far East, Russia, and China.

Sorry, we cannot ship POTTED Goumi (May-September) to: CA, TX, AZ, NM, NV, OR.  We can ship DORMANT goumi to these states bare-root when ordered in October-April (as available).

NATURALLY GROWN – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, neo-nictinoids, or other pesticides or toxic ag chemicals used at our nursery 

Uses: Fresh eating, jams, jellies, desserts.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Pollination: Self-Pollinating

Resistant to: Winter cold, insects and diseases.  Trouble-free plant.

Plant Size: 1-Year approximately 1-2′ Potted Plant with excellent root system.

Zones 4-8b


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SMALL 6-12", MEDIUM 1-2', LARGE 2'+