Fig Cuttings (Green Wood)




Grow your own figs with our freshly cut greenwood (softwood) fig cuttings. These are fresh cuttings of branches and have no roots and are not plants or trees. These can be used to propagate your own fig trees by rooting these cuttings. 2 cuttings per bundle unless specified otherwise. Cuttings have leaves removed in the proper manner for propagation purposes and will contain 4-5 nodes, and are approximately 6-9 inches long. Our cuttings are 100% free of fig bud mites. Fresh cut to order the day we ship.  FREE SHIPPING ON CUTTINGS!

These fig greenwood cuttings are generally available from June-September. From October-May we have dormant (fully lignified) wood cuttings available also. Dormant cuttings are a separate listing.  FREE SHIPPING ON CUTTINGS!

For full descriptions of each fig tree, or to purchase fully rooted fig trees, please go here:

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Magnolia 2 Greenwood Cuttings, Olympian 2 Greenwood Cuttings, LSU Purple 2 Greenwood Cuttings, LSU Gold 2 Greenwood Cuttings, LSU O'Rourke 2 Greenwood Cuttings, 2 Greenwood Cuttings, Chicago Hardy 2 Greenwood Cuttings, Ronde de Bordeaux 2 Greenwood Cuttings, LSU Improved Celeste 2 Greenwood Cuttings, Green Ischia 2 Greenwood Cuttings