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Want to grow organic grapes?  This exciting “new” introduction is actually a very old heirloom grape developed by T.V. Munson, from crossing hardy native grapes and tasty European grapes.  Extremely disease resistant. A large, dark purple, very sweet grape with the desirable quality of ripening very late, sometimes even into late October when other grapes are long gone.  This is part of a new series of extremely rare, extremely disease resistant “Munson” grapes we are offering for those needing to grow organic grapes without chemicals.  Check these Munson grapes out!  CANNOT SHIP TO CA, WA, OR.

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, juicing.

Pollination:  Grapes do not need pollination in order to set full crops.

Resistant to: Extremely resistant to fruit rots and black rot, mildew, fungus and insects. 

Plant Size: 1 YR, 2-4′ bare-root vines with excellent root systems.

Zones 5-8 (estimate)