Prime Ark Traveler Blackberry Bundles – New!


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‘Prime-Ark® Traveler’, is a new primocane-fruiting, thornless blackberry.  Berries are large and firm, with high yields and great flavor.  ‘Primocane’ simply means it can produce 2 crops per summer, one in June and the next in August-September.

‘Prime Ark Traveler’ is a sister plant to ‘Freedom’, both released by the same great breeding program at the University of Arkansas. Flavor and size are large and sweet and similar to ‘Freedom’.  ‘Traveler’s’ berries are firmer, better for market growing as they handle transport better, and store well in the fridge.  The primocane crop on ‘Traveler’ ripens about 2 weeks later than ‘Freedom’.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, cobblers, pies, smoothies, jams, excellent wine.

Ripens: MidEarly Season (Around mid June in KY).

Site Requirements: Blackberries grow best in full sun.  Well-draining, rich soil is a must.  Avoid wet areas.  Primocane blackberries do not handle intense late summer heat well.

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better yields with other blackberry varieties present.

Resistant to: Strongly disease resistant to orange rust and anthracnose.

Crops in one year from planting!

Plant Size: 1 Year, 12-18″ tall Field-Grown plants with excellent root systems. CHOOSE BUNDLE SIZE

Zones 6-9b

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