Mericadel Grape – Naturally Grown


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Want to grow organic grapes? Check out this heirloom T.V. Munson cultivar from his North Texas grape breeding program in the late 1800s. Medium-sized grape clusters, very large individual berries with blue-black coloration. It turns color before it’s fully ripe—so be patient and do not harvest early! It’s tart before it’s fully ripe, but then it develops a rich lubrusca flavor. Extremely resistant to diseases. This is part of a new series of extremely disease resistant “Munson” grapes we are offering for those needing to grow organic grapes without chemicals. Check these Munson grapes out! Extremely rare. CANNOT SHIP TO CA, WA, OR.

NATURALLY GROWN – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, neo-nictinoids, or other pesticides or toxic ag chemicals used at our nursery 

Site Selection: Sunny, well-drained site. Loamy soil best, but other soils types can do well as long as they are full sun and don’t sit wet.

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, juicing.

Pollination: Grapes do not need pollination in order to set full crops.

Resistant to: Extremely resistant to fruit rots and black rot, mildew, fungus and insects.

Plant Size: 1 YR, 12-24″ bare-root vines with excellent root systems.

Zones 5-8 (estimate)