Chester Blackberry Bundles – New!


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Heirloom winner proven by the test of time!  Delicious berries and a very long picking window of 6-7 weeks. Thrives every season in our blackberry trials, showing strong resistance to red-necked borers (probably the very worst blackberry pest as they destroy entire canes).  This allows the plant to grow strong and produce lots of berries.  ‘Chester’ blackberry produces fruit for longer than any other one we have trialed.  Produces approximately mid July to September!  The flavor is full- a great blend of sweet and tart.  The berries are medium size, quite plump at first and gradually get smaller as the season goes on.  Berries are soft, so this one is for backyard only and not market.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, cobblers, pies, smoothies, jams, excellent wine.

Ripens: Mid Season (Around mid July in KY).

Site Requirements: Blackberries grow best in full sun.  Well-draining, rich soil is a must.  Avoid wet areas.  Primocane blackberries do not handle intense late summer heat well.

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better yields with other blackberry varieties present.

Resistant to: Strongly disease resistant to orange rust and anthracnose.  Also shows resistance to red-necked borers.

Crops in one year from planting!

Plant Size: 1 Year, 12-18″ tall Field-Grown plants with excellent root systems. CHOOSE BUNDLE SIZE

Zones 6-9b

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