‘Indigo Blueberries’ Tomato Seed – NATURALLY GROWN


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NEW!  A new cherry tomato packed with excellent sweet flavor and nutrition.  Disease resistant and extremely productive.  In the wet and disease-heavy summer of 2022 these tomatoes did great and had no issues at all with disease.  Thin skin, soft silky texture and excellent flavor!  Would be a great choice for a market farmer or backyard grower.  Bred to be super high in powerful anthocyanin antioxidants, hence the bluish color.  They ripen to a reddish-yellow with a dark blackish blush.  Very attractive!

On our organic farm we’ve trialed over 30 heirloom tomatoes and narrowed it down to a very few, and this is one. We also trial them in wet, humid conditions where tomatoes are challenging.

Organically Grown. 2022 crop. 

1/10 gram packet (approximately 20-30 seeds) Free Shipping!  ID and WA orders require a small shipping fee.