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Silver Maple Tree


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Extremely popular native shade tree across the Eastern USA.  Acer saccharum or silver maple grows extremely fast and dense to make great privacy cover in summer, wildlife cover and is valuable for reforestation.  The extremely early male blooms make an EXCELLENT pollen source for honeybees.  In KY they begin blooming in late February-early March, right about when bees become active again.  These easy to grow seedlings grow fast and strong and will rapidly reach 40-50 feet tall.  Long-lived.  Pest and disease free in most situations.

Uses: Excellent shade tree, bee-tree (pollen), reforestation, landscaping, timber, firewood.

Site Selection: Sunny, well-drained site.  Likes acidic soil, can handle wetter sites.  Plant where they can get huge and not too close to houses, septic systems or power lines.
Tree Size: 18″-36″ 1 YR Bare-Root Tree.
Zones 4-9


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