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Arkansas Black Apple




Dependable, VERY disease-resistant, long-keeping apple of excellent quality.  Attractive deep maroon, nearly black skin color with crisp yellow flesh. Delicious, moderately sweet and mild-flavored dessert apple which also makes very good juice, hard cider and pies. Extremely good keeper: wrapped up in refrigeration it keeps in perfect condition all winter into spring. Well adapted to the Southeastern climate and conditions, highly recommended for organic and low-spray growing. Likely a seedling of Winesap. Growing in popularity right now due to hardiness, disease resistance, good flavor, versatility and excellent keeping quality. Very resistant to Cedar Apple rust disease.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Delicious fresh eating, cooking and processing. Outstanding keeping qualities, keeps in perfect condition into March-April in cold storage.

Resistant to: HIGHLY RESISTANT TO CEDAR APPLE RUST, some resistance to Apple Scab and Fireblight.

Pollination: (Flowering Group 3) Pink Lady, Enterprise, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Goldrush, Grimer Golden, Honeycrisp, Pristine, William’s Pride, Wolf River, Yellow Transparent. 

Plant Size: CHOOSE SIZE BELOW. 1-Year old, typically unbranched Bare-Root tree.

Rootstock: M111 Semi-Dwarf

Zones 5-8 

Additional information

Rootstock and Size

Semi-Dwarf M111 (3-4') Bare-Root, Semi-Dwarf M111 (2-3') Bare-Root, Dwarf M7 (3-4') Bare-Root, Dwarf M7 (2-3') Bare-Root, Semi-Dwarf M111 (4-5') Bare-Root


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