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Saijo Persimmon


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NOT AVAILABLE in 2020. Pure sweetness melts in your mouth with this seedless gem. Saijo translates to “the very best one,” and it’s not an overstatement to say Saijo truly stands out among persimmons. Fruits are larger than American persimmons, being around egg-sized. The thin skin reveals a usually seedless, very soft and sugary sweet pulp that is ripe when very soft and reddish. Trees are very productive and disease/insect/trouble-free. Cold hardy in zone 7. Some reports of success in warmer areas of zone 6. We are currently testing it. This persimmon dehydrates very well and is very popular in both the US and Japan. CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA.


Resistant to: Suffers very little from any insects or disease, very resistant to any problems. Birds sometimes peck into ripe fruits.

Plant Size: 3/8-1/2 ” caliper, 3-5′ Bare-Root Tree

Rootstock: Grafted to D. Virginiana

Zones 6b-10


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