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Rosseyanka (Russian Beauty) Persimmon




Highly productive and dependable and will have bigger and much better quality fruit than most wild American persimmons. Fruits approach golf-ball size. A real gem from the Kiev Botanical Gardens in former Ukraine, Russia. Astringent until soft-ripe in autumn. Russian Beauty is considered by some to be the ultimate in native persimmon quality and production. Fruits do not fall from the tree easily.

Russian Beauty (Rosseyanka cultivar) exemplifies the best of Asian and American genetics in a persimmon: the native American flavor and cold-hardiness combined with the Asian persimmon’s larger size and heavy productivity. Russian Beauty is a cold-hardy hybrid between Asian and American persimmons. CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Resistant to: Disease-free.

Uses: Fresh eating, jams, persimmon breads, dehydrating, fermentation.

Pollination: None needed.

Ripening: Late season, October-November

Rootstock: D. Virginiana


Zones 6-9

Additional information


SMALL Approximately 1 ' tall, MEDIUM 18"-24", LARGE 2'+, Extra Large 3'+, Supreme 4' + branched


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