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Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago)


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Beautiful native shrub that produces edible berries in fall. Similar to black haw, but with bigger fruits. The berries are small, very sweet and gooey, something like blueberry meets persimmon. Delicious! Small, best for nibbling; ripe in late fall when they get slightly wrinkled like raisins. Wildlife LOVE these and they’re actually quite tasty! Grows in wet situations better than most, but does need decent drainage. Native USA plant. Beautiful spring blooms. Pest and disease free plant. Very cold hardy!




Uses: Edible tasty berries, wildlife, landscaping, reforestation, medicine.


Pollination: Self-Pollinating


Plant Size: 18″-36″ tall Bare-Root Shrub


Zones: 3-8 (Estimate)


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