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Loganberry Thornless 2-Plant BUNDLE


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This amazing marriage between a wild blackberry and red raspberry might become your new favorite berry!  Loganberry is one of those plants that, as soon as you start growing it, you wonder why you haven’t been growing it all along.  Fruit quality and production are excellent and unique.
A chance cross made in 1881 between wild Pacific blackberries and red raspberries, made by James Harvey Logan in Santa Cruz, California.  Got the development attention of famous plant breeder Luther Burbank and soon became a delicacy all the way to Europe.  Is still grown commercially out west.  Loganberries are hardy, productive and have a rich, full flavor somewhere between blackberry, raspberry and deliciousness.  Nice blend of rich sweetness and blackberry tartness.  Our cultivar is thornless.

Long season of ripening berries stretches 2-3 months!

Loganberries are disease resistant and more frost tolerant than most other berries.  Easy to grow, semi-trailing vines need a trellis or support.  Make fantastic jams and pies and outstanding fresh eating.  These are worth trying out on your site and should be better known.  Due to the red raspberry parentage they are probably best grown in zones 6-8 and not planted anywhere extremely hot, humid and sun, like Florida.  Give them a site with good drainage and good soil. 

Loganberries grow more like red raspberries than blackberries, that is, more erect and narrow.  They attain about 5-6″ tall but only about 1′ wide.  Space them about 1-2″ apart in the rows.

Loganberries produce best on 1 year old canes. Do not prune for the first year after it is planted. In subsequent years, as soon as harvesting has finished, cut down the 2 year old canes to ground level and tie in the new canes which will have grown during the summer. These can be cut back a little if required.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, wines and jams

Pollination:  Self Pollinating

Resistant to:  Frost and general disease resistance including root rot. 

Plant Size 1-2″ tall bare-root vine with excellent root system.

Zones 6-8b.


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