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Bald Cypress Tree


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Graceful, gorgeous native conifer tree is fast growing and grows on wet sites with ease.  Truly an underutilized Southeastern tree but is showing up more often now in landscaping and parks.  Called “bald” because it is deciduous and loses it’s soft, feathery pine needle-like leaves in autumn.  Makes cute little cones.  In wet sites will make the famous cypress “knees” to absorb oxygen.  Grows rapidly and gets tall, long-lived.  Resembles the majestic Redwoods of California, but stays smaller.  Very adaptable and tough tree.  Just lovely!

Uses: Excellent shade tree, wetlands reforestation, landscaping, timber, firewood.

Site Selection: Sunny, well-drained site.  Likes acidic soil, can handle wetter sites and even mucky soils.  Plant where they can get huge and not too close to houses, septic systems or power lines.
Tree Size: 12″-18″ 1 YR Bare-Root Tree.
Zones 4-10



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