Bitter Melon – Karela – ‘Ganesh’ variety -NATURALLY GROWN कड़वा तरबूज


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Looking for an easy to grow, productive bitter melon for the garden? This is it! We trialed many different varieties of Bitter Melon before finding this gem. Grows fast and strong, begins producing bitter melons in about 60-75 days only. Flowers prolifically. The fruits are large, whitish-green, tender yet firm, with great slightly bitter flavor when cooked (or fried in ghee!). You will love this easier to grow, disease and insect resistant strain. Discovered in Mississippi, it grows great in our garden in Kentucky, and would thrive most places with warm summers. Just plant into warm soil as soon as possible after all chance of frost, or start indoors 2-4 weeks before your last frost. Organically Grown.

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10 seeds per packet