Jewel Black Raspberry – Bundles


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Truly a superior berry cultivar. If you are a fan of black raspberries already or they are new to you, Jewel is the one for you! We were amazed when our first crop of Jewels came in at our orchard; their size was literally 2-4x larger than the local wild black raspberries we were used to picking. Combine that with their satin-soft juicy flesh bursting with a sweet, mild jammy flavor and you have a real winner.

Black raspberries are one of the earliest fruits of the season, ripening in early-mid June (in KY), coinciding with mulberries and early blackberries.  Black raspberries have over 3x the antioxidant power of blueberries!

Easy to grow, reliable, heavy producing, very large berry size, and more vigorous growth than other varieties. Anthracnose resistant. A very popular variety with commercial raspberry growers. Begins production one week after Hidden Gem, around late May-Mid June. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING.

Pollination: Self-pollinating, may bear larger crops with Hidden Gem or other black raspberries present.

Site Requirements:  Full sun for best yields, partial sun is also possible.  Well drained, rich soil is a must.  Avoid wet areas.

Resistant to: Anthracnose, fungus and rots.

Plant Size: 1-YR PLUGS, 3-6″ tallCHOOSE BUNDLE SIZE

Crops in one year from planting.

Zones 5-8

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