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Hidden Gem Black Raspberry – CERTIFIED ORGANIC – 2 Plant Bundle


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Not Available in 2021

Intense, wild raspberry flavor on productive, hardy and resilient canes. Our original and first ever nursery item! Blake first discovered this “hidden gem” in Shively, Kentucky around 2003 on an abandoned lot asa chance seedling. Since then, it has been propagated, tested, sold and grown by us for over 12 years. We’ve found the canes to be resilient, very vigorous and highly productive. Hidden Gem flavor is more wild, aromatic and intense than Jewel and other cultivated, bred varieties. The production is very good and extremely reliable (never failing once since 2003). Heavy production season starts in late May or early June (in KY), coinciding with mulberries and early blackberries.

Berry size is medium, being bigger than most wild raspberries but smaller than Jewel. It also handles stem anthracnose very well and is disease-resistant. A low-maintenance and very rewarding plant! Freezes exceptionally well for mid-winter pies (better than blackberry cobbler)! An exceptionally easy and rewarding plant perfect for beginners or children to grow. One of our favorites. Peaceful Heritage Nursery Exclusive! Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA.


Uses: Excellent fresh eating, excellent cooking and processing fruit for jams, pies, wines, cobblers.

Pollination: Black raspberries need no pollination in order to set fruit but may bear larger crops with other black raspberries present.

Resistant to: Insects, SWD fruit flies, tolerates Anthracnose.

Plant Size: 2 Plant Bundle , 1-2 FT Tall 1-YR Bare-Root Plants Certified Organic

Crops in one year from planting.

Zones 5-8