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Caroline Red Raspberry 2-Plant Bundle


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Amazing!  Large, sweet, outstanding flavor, nice firm fruit on canes with strong vigor, early, high production and disease resistance define this superior variety of red raspberry.  Thus many are recognizing this raspberry variety as superior to many others.   It resists root-rot (a major red raspberry disease) and fruits 2-3 weeks before Heritage, thus ripening many berries before frost.  Their flavor is excellent, among the best raspberries and is tangy, aromatic, sweet and delicious.  Good even into October, sometimes even November in KY.  A favorite at our local farmer’s market.  

That is an actual photo of our Caroline raspberries vines in July 2016 on our farm. Note the exceptionally large berries, great color and nice shape of the berries. Great market-farming selection. Truly Caroline is everything a red raspberry can and should be. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA.

Uses:  Fresh eating, outstanding for pies, jams, cobblers and wine.  

RESISTANT TO:  Root Rot, anthracnose berry molds, SWD flies (early crop), cold and frosts.

Pollination: Self Pollinating

Plant Size: 1-2′ FT Tall Bare-Root Plant, 2 Plant Bundle

Zones 5-7 (zone 8-9 with shade)  

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LARGE 1-2' TALL 1-GALLON POTTED, 12-18" TALL Bare-Root 2-PLANT Bundle