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Potomac Pear


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Becoming a popular cultivar because of the superior quality of the fruit. Potomac pears are sweet, buttery and extremely juicy. Pleasant sub-acid flavor and aroma gives it some zing. Tree is vigorous and fairly precocious, meaning it comes into bearing faster. Pollinates with other European pears and is fire blight resistant. A Moonglow-Anjou cross, it is one of the highest quality fireblight resistant varieties available. Introduced in 1993 from the Kearneysville, West Virginia USDA station. Cold-hardy and very disease-resistant.

All of our pear trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Resistant to: Strong Fireblight resistance. Generally good disease resistance.

Ripens: Mid-late September depending on location.

Pollination: Other European pears.

Grafted to: OH x F 97 Pear rootstock

Plant Size: 4-5′ Bare-Root tree.

Zone 5-9.

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Root Stock and Tree Size

SEMI-DWARF OHF97 (1-2ft) Bare-root, SEMI-DWARF OHF97 (2-3ft) Bare-root, SEMI-DWARF OHF97 (3-4ft) Bare-root, SEMI-DWARF OHF97 (4-5ft) Bare-root