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Magness Pear


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Bears loads of sweet, perfumed fruit with a buttery, melting texture that is among the very best. Easy to care for and disease-resistant.  Ripens around late-August to mid September depending on location.  Mature trees are productive if good pollination is provided. Excellent keeper.  Has a similar flavor to Comice. Magness grows well in areas such as MS and LA but yet is cold hardy hardy all the way north to MI. Highly resistant to fireblight. Can be pollinated by European or the Asian varieties, but will NOT pollinate others (sterile pollen). Released by the USDA in 1968 as a very high quality dessert pear that will survive under heavy fireblight pressure. It’s a cross of Seckel x Comice.

All of our pear trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING 

Uses: Fresh eating, juicing, canning.

Resistant to: Appears highly disease resistant with zero fireblight.

Pollination: Most other pears should pollinate this variety.

Rootstock: OH x F 97 Pear Rootstock


Zones 5-9

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Root Stock and Tree Size

SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (3-4ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (2-3ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (1-2ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF OHF87 (4-5ft) Bare-Root, OH x F 97 Rootstock 4-5 FT


OH x F 97 Rootstock 4-5 FT