Art’s Bosc Pear


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SCION WOOD AVAILABLE ONLY.  Excellent dessert eating; firm, crisp and sweet. Also a very good cooking pear. Peaceful Heritage Nursery founder Blake fondly remembers Grandma’s home-grown, fragrant, buttery Bosc pear preserves in sugar syrup spread on warm wheat toast for breakfast, before he walked a mile to school in the snow (true story!) Blake says “While some claim Bosc pears are not good for growing in the Mid-South, I would have to disagree when it comes to Art’s Bosc. This Bosc cultivar comes direct from my late step-grandfather Art Cerminera’s and Grandma’s unblemished, 99% fireblight-free old tree that is the scion source; found still today, healthy and productive as ever with zero care or sprays in Louisville, KY (and now owned by a friendly Latino family who said they very much like the “huge pears”.)

Bosc pears are extremely attractive and unique, with orange/brown skin and long, tapering necks. They improve in flavor after 4-8 weeks in storage. Harvest firm when fully colored and sized in late September-early October. They have a better, more firm texture and superior eating quality than other dessert pears. An excellent, juicy, delicious pear also good for cooking purposes, such as preserves. Blake is proud to name this pear after late Art Cerminera, a WWII veteran, immigrant from Italy, ex-Mob member turned Christian saintly person who used to travel to minister to prisoners and always was gardening, working and serving others selflessly until he died at home in his late 90’s. Much more could be said about his incredible life. “This tree always reminds me of him and I hope it serves you well in your orchard”. – Blake

We’ve observed great disease resistance longevity in this tree (the mother tree is at least 25 years old now, going very strong with zero sprays and no fireblight). In our own orchard trials we have observed a truly tiny amount of fireblight (a few inches here and there). So, it stands that this tree is a superior resistant strain, however, it’s not recommended to plant this variety in the Deep South, where few pear cultivars thrive due to extreme fireblight pressure. Try Warren, Olympic, Pineapple and Ayers in that region instead. The original mother tree was destroyed in 2020 by the new owners and so this might be your only chance to ever obtain this tree. CANNOT SHIP TO CA.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, preserves.

Resistant to: Resistant to Fireblight, Pear Scab, Pear Decline.

Pollination: Ayers, Moonglow, Kieffer, Blake’s Pride, Asian Pears, Bradford pear.

Grafted to: OH x F 87 Pear rootstock

Plant Size: One-Year old, 4-5 FT Tall Bare-Root Tree

Zones 5-8

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