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Richjoy Peach – NEW!!!


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NEW!!!  Richjoy peaches are firm, freestone, with soft, richly flavored melting yellow flesh.  The peaches have a long shelf life on trees and after harvesting. The fruit typically ripen about one week after ‘Julyprince’ in mid-July in Byron, Ga. The tree is moderately vigorous and semi-spreading in growth habit, has self-fertile, showy pink flowers, and regularly bears heavy annual crops. This variety has a winter chilling requirement estimated at approximately 850 chill hours and is suited for high chill areas.

All of our peach trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.


Mid Season ripening.

Uses: Fresh eating, canning, drying.

Resistant to: Late frost damage, rotting on the tree

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better fruit set with most other peaches present.

Harvest: Mid-Season

Plant Size: 1-Year 3-4 ft tall Bare-Root Tree

Rootstock: Halford

Our peaches fruit very quickly in only 2 seasons from planting under good conditions.

Zones 6-10

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